YLAPAC - Young Leader Association Patancheru Assembly Constituency

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Shaping Young Leadership

YLAPAC is a philanthropic organization exclusively dedicated to serving youngsters to fulfill their dreams and guiding them to become young leaders.

YLAPAC organizes various events focused on the betterment of youth skills. Associated with the award-winning MDR Foundation which helped the underprivileged, YLAPAC is now focused on reforming the situation of youth facing systemic disadvantages in our society through services such as facilitating education by offering scholarships, fighting discrimination in colleges, spreading awareness, and stopping bullying, fighting against molestation, arranging travel fares for education, or any other socio-economic issues.

What We Do?

We want the budding generation to reach their full potential and believe that all aspects of their personality and talents need to be nurtured.

    We are focused on:

  • 1. Supporting education & skill training.
  • 2. Provide financial aid for the deprived.
  • 3. Offer support to youth plagued by bad habits.

Our DNA believes that young people are the foundation of a better world. So,

  • 1. We invest in the abundant potential of young people
  • 2. We offer skill development opportunities
  • 3. Guide them in a way that they assume responsibility
  • 4. Promote self-sustainability through employment drives
  • 5. Organize activities, events and services that abolish bullying, ragging and unacceptable social behaviour
  • 6. Organize online social awareness webinars and hygiene awareness
  • 7. Focus on personality development, soft skills training, improve communication skills

Students or aspiring young leaders can raise their issues to YLAPAC, issues such as bullying, molestation, ragging, power cuts that hinder education, transportation issues to travel to colleges, no proper facilities in colleges and sudden raise of fees in colleges, etc.

Youngsters can reach out to us for:

  • 1. Skill Development.
  • 2. Sports training.
  • 3. Raise complaints against ragging, bullying, & molestation.
  • 4. Report bribing, blackmailing, workplace harassment, salary disparity, etc.
  • 5. Request for Scholarship, Encouragement in Sports and request for sports KITS, etc.
  • 6. Personality development, soft skills training & improving communication skills.

Our Core Values


Upskilling the youth of our society is the first step to building a civil space. YLAPAC strives to empower lives by focusing on individual skills.


YLAPAC believes that understanding youth problems starts with collaborating with them. To engage and encourage them through various events that unite youth and find solutions as a collaborative effort.


We work on topics of healthy dialogue, tolerance and diversity, human rights, and minority rights among the youth to build a more tolerant society around us.

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