YLAPAC - Young Leader Association Patancheru Assembly Constituency

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Social Duty

A responsible and responsive organization passionate about society.

Grassroot Guidance

Igniting a spark in youngster’s lives to create a better and educated society.

Humanity First

Empathy, humanity, and love with care for all, irrespective of caste and creed.


YLAPAC - Powering Social Change Through Young Leadership

YLAPAC is the torchbearer for the world of equality. Equality starts at our home, with our youth. We believe that channeling the dynamic energy of young souls to be better leaders is the most impactful investment. By investing in youth they become the ambassadors of a better tomorrow. Associated with the award-winning MDR Foundation which helped the underprivileged, YLAPAC is now gearing up to transform the lives of our young communities.


Promoting active citizenship and encouraging the next generation to build a civil society.


Empowering the young blood by unlocking their true potential through awareness and opportunities.

A World of Opportunities with YLAPAC:

Educational Guidance

Sport Events

Cyber Fraud Awareness

Civil Code Training

Financial aid for education

Entrepreneurship Assistance

Anti-Bullying / Anti-Ragging awareness raising

De-addiction counselling

M. Prithvi Raj

International Business Management – Canada
Alumni – ISB Hyderabad.

Mr. Prithvi Raj, the MDR Foundation Advisor has dedicated his life to serving the needy and the young. With an award-winning portfolio of working with Maadri & MDR Foundation, he strives to bring grassroot level change through youth-focused programs. Hence, established YLAPAC- an organization dedicated to making young leaders out of underprivileged youth communities.

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